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Are you ready for the new EU data protection rules? Understand now with our proven GAP analysis of your company's data. And hire an external DPO and reduce your operational costs.

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Real-time advanced security

Our Security Operations Center will help you minimize the risk from advanced targeted attacks against your organization and reduce loses for your business.


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We will reduce the overall risks for your business and keep your reputation by identifying, classifying and mitigating security threats.

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Who we are

We are Baseline IT Security.

We will secure your network perimeter and web applications. We will monitor 24/7 your business-critical IT assets and apps, securing what your clients and partners look for the most: your brand name and reputation.

Our services

  • IT Security Assessment
    Achieve some of the most important milestones in Cyber Security Management – getting to know your network and its’ assets.
  • Penetration and web application testing
    We will provide you with the highest possible quality of penetration and web application tests – by adding human check on top of the automated ones.
  • Establish a Security Baseline
    The security policies are the foundation of your company's protection against cyber attacks.
  • Vulnerability Management
    We will identify, classify, remediate and mitigate vulnerabilities that might be used to attack your business.
  • Threat Intelligence and Detection
    We will provide you with updates for targeted detection and actionable guidance to effectively respond to the latest threats.
  • Proactive early warnings for outbreaks
    We will make sure that you and your team are up to date with the status of your security.
  • 24/7 Security Operation Center (SOC)
    Constant 24/7 monitoring of your network security.
  • Incident Response Management
    React in the most proper way to security breaches.

Founded in the beginning of 2014 Baseline IT Security is a leading Cyber Security company, which will ensure the high quality defence of the access to your company’s critical information.

Our deep belief is that information security is not a software or a hardware solution, but a policy, you have to define and follow in a strict manner in order to protect what is most valuable for your company - its name and reputation.

To define the loopholes in your security and to define the best ways to patch them and remain that way, we are working with a world class specialists in the field of information security, following and implementing the best practices world-recognized frameworks such as ISO 27001, COBIT and ITIL v3 to ensure the highest quality of service. And the best protection possible – when you need it, how you need it.

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